• The population of Ghana is divided into some 75 ethnic groups. In the recent census of 2011 the estimated population of Ghana is 25,000 000(females-51%, males 49), giving the country an overall population density of 78 persons per sq km (201 per sq mi).

    The most densely populated parts of the country are the coastal areas, the Ashanti Region, and the two principal cities, Accra and Kumasi.

    About 70 percent of the total population lives in the southern half of the country.  The most numerous peoples are the coastal Fanti, and the Ashanti, who live in central Ghana, both of whom belong to the Akan family.

    The Accra plains are inhabited by the Ga-Adangbe. Most of the inhabitants in the northern region belong to the Moshi-Dagomba or to the Gonja group.
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