1. The Embassy of The Republic of Ghana
  2. Beijing, China

Defence Attaché (DA)

The Office of Defence Attaché (DA) of the Embassy of Ghana, Beijing was established by authority of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) on 12th May, 2009. The Office serves the interests of the Ghana Government by promoting national defence and security issues between Ghana and the People’s Republic of China.

The Defence Attaché Beijing is therefore responsible for learning the art of diplomacy and blending it with military touch to emerge with a product of military – civilian diplomacy. The guiding principle is that the Defence Attaché is to secure, service and safeguard the interests of the Ministry of Defence and the Ghana Armed Forces by representation, direction and influence.

The Office of Defence Attaché also provides the Ministry of Defence in Ghana with information on China Military and Political issues, fosters and strengthens continuous relationship between Ghana and China and also serves as the Ghana’s Ambassador’s adviser on defence and security issues among others.