His Excellency Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo First Lady of the Republic of Ghana,

Hon. Kwesi Yankah, Minister of State in Charge Tertiary Education

Hon. Ziblim Barri Iddi, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture

Ambassador Wang Shi Ting,

Ambassador Kojo Amoo-Gotfred

Ambassador Anani Demuyakor

The Registrar of the University of Ghana

Prof. Ablade Glover

The Leader of the delegation from the Chinese Behavioral Law Society

President of Ghana Association of Chinese Societies and Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green House International

The Managing Director of Greenhouse International Development, Ghana Limited


It is an honour to be amongst you today, and a privilege for me to deliver these brief remarks at this special event, the SILK ROAD LANGUAGE OF ART Exhibition.


Excellency, Ladies and gentlemen,

Cultural Exchange is one of the eight (8) Focac initiatives put forward by President Xi Jinping during the historic Focac Summit in Beijing in September 2018. This event today is therefore commendable, and I would like to thank the organizers.

In many ways, the relationship between China and Ghana has been one of FIRSTS. Ghana was one of the first countries in Africa to establish diplomatic relations with China. It is therefore commendable that Ghana is also one of the FIRST African countries in which the Silk Road Exhibition is beginning. As someone who has worked in the creative sector, I believe strongly in the power of Art to stimulate and influence behavior and human thinking.    


Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen,


This exhibition is yet another testament to the enduring bonds of friendship between Ghana-China.  It is also one of many tangible and practical benefits arising from the visits to China by Her Excellency the First Lady to China in 2017 and the subsequent follow ups by the President and Vice President in 2018.


As you may be aware, Ghana – China relations are longstanding, dating as far back as July 1960 when formal diplomatic relations were established, thereby making Ghana one of the first countries in Africa to establish diplomatic relations with China. Since then, Sino-Ghana relations have been forged on the principles of mutual respect, solidarity and cooperation and common prosperity.  Staying true to these principles has served both our countries very well for almost Six decades.



Your Excellency

I believe that we have now become aware of the endless opportunities and possibilities that the great Country of ours has to offer the world in terms of our art and creative skills and, more importantly, that we stand a better chance of achieving our developmental goals if we promote the creative sector which will help us to forge understanding and enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with our development partners like the  People’s Republic of China.

Through art, we can create sustainable understanding and  practical opportunities for reducing poverty and promoting understanding amongst our people.

Thank you  

Long Live Ghana-China Relations
Long Live Ghana-POWERCHINA Cooperation

Thank you for your attention.